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Margot Bennett


Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Margot & The Midnight Tenants brings indie pop to life with heartfelt storytelling and infectious melodies. Led by Margot Bennett, this close-knit six-piece band is known for their emotionally charged performances and theatrical music videos that mirror their poignant lyrics.

Their upcoming album is a kaleidoscope of emotions and narratives, featuring songs that delve into the complexities of lost friendship, the journey of a squid, and the misunderstood life of Marie Antoinette. This diverse collection showcases the band's knack for blending introspective storytelling with imaginative flair.

Margot & The Midnight Tenants' live shows are an electrifying fusion of vulnerability and fervor, creating an intimate yet vibrant atmosphere that resonates with audiences. With their unwavering commitment to authenticity, this band continues to carve a unique space in the indie music scene, inviting listeners into their emotionally rich musical world.


"Wasted Days" Single  //  June 2023

"Winter Song" Single  // April 2022

"I Will Make Some Noise" EP  // 2021

"Space" Single  // 2020

"Fables" EP  // 2018

"Ellwood Street" EP  // 2017



Margot Bennett, lead vocals

Omer Berger, guitar

Daniel Bloch, drums

Noga Davidson, bass & vocals

Micha Gilad, keys

Idan Morim, guitar & vocals





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