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I've Guzzled the Brooklyn kool-aid, and i'm never going back!

Photo/sunglass styling by the brilliant and talented Ethan Sachs.

When first I laid eyes on Brooklyn Fire Proof, an industrial building on a deserted, graffitied street in Bushwick, I wasn't sure what to make of it. There was the smell of hot garbage in the air, and the far off sound of a motorized saw. Was I about to meet a new drummer for my band or was I about to be brutally murdered? I quickly scrolled through my texts to find the four digits needed to open the large steel door, and was greeted by Daniel, a smiling shaggy-haired, Harry Potter-looking character - not a serial killer type at all - *phew.* (Please write all your serial killer tells in the comments below.)

As I followed him through the winding maze of white walls and paint fumes, my mind raced with excitement. Daniel’s eyes lit up as he described his journey from Tel Aviv to Soda Aroma Studio— his rented 12 by 12 windowless room, chockful of gear, a thunderous PA system and twinkle lights. Daniel and his girlfriend Noga had moved to New York only 2 years ago, and had effortlessly assimilated into the grungy, artistic community of Bushwick. Noga was a bass player and singer, performing in various bands, and Daniel was a producer/mixer/drummer juggling multiple projects. I nervously described my project to Daniel, with the support of my good friend and collaborator, Ariel, who had also joined us at the studio.

That initial trip to the Morgan Ave L stop became the first of many, and I spent the next two years commuting a total of three hours a week to and from Soda Aroma Studios to rehearse. Noga joined us, and soon we were on our way to becoming a real band... the kind you always dream about leading, but assume will only remain a pipe dream, stuck in the cupboard under the stairs. *ENTER: HAGRID*

I had found my people... my tribe, and they didn't abandon me, despite my being constantly late to rehearsals, delayed by the volatile MTA. As a self-proclaimed Manhattanite I was determined to stay in my uptown, upper upper west side (frequently confused for the Bronx, but STILL Manhattan) pre-war apartment because PRICE and SPACE. But the longer I spent sticking to the seats of the crowded, smelly A train, the more I entertained the idea of making the move. I did about a month ago.

So now here I am… fresh off the L train, newly a Brooklynite, adjusting to life in what might as well be Disneyland. I’ve decided I’m going to make the most of my time here, which includes collaboration, performing new material, and seeing at least one musical act a week. This blog is dedicated to live music in NYC. My goal is to shed light on the process of making music and developing a show. So without further ado… I give you my first ever blog!

+ Looking for a place to rehearse and/or record? SODA AROMA STUDIO +

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1 Comment

Jul 29, 2019

blessed by this blog, by your presence in bk, and —of course— by any and all Harry Potter references. can't wait to read more about your adventures in live music!!

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